Expansion into foreign markets

More than 60% of online consumers say they make purchases through this channel also outside of their country of residence. This results in every Polish company becoming a global player and competing with companies operating outside of the domestic market.

More and more Polish companies are deciding to expand into foreign markets as they have international potential and are ready to enter into foreign markets.


  • Businesses operating outside of their home country gain the prestige of being a global market player

  • Thanks to their presence in other markets, companies learn, gain valuable know-how, and thus increase their potential and diversify risk

  • Companies operating on the international market generate more income than companies that sell on the local market

  • Companies that export show more optimism, in the assessment of both the global economic situation and their own


Local markets differ in terms of behaviors and consumer needs, but also the opportunities offered by the Internet, including the popularity and requirements of search engines, available tools and advertising platforms. Knowledge of local characteristics is key to effective marketing.
Search engine marketing is an excellent bridgehead for expansion. At the start of promotional activities this enables businesses to test many hypotheses and then consistently and effectively support the reach of potential customers.


The International Division supports Polish companies to expand into foreign markets as well as companies from outside our country operating in Poland to help them build and strengthen their visibility on the Internet.

The team offers solutions in such areas as white hat SEO, PPC and more broadly – online marketing.

Whites specialists have successfully carried out many activities for Polish companies entering foreign markets. See our case study, Sporticos.com and ABCzdrowie.ru »


  • Knowledge of local tools and search engines

  • Experience in working for clients outside the country

  • A team of experienced specialists, including native speakers

  • Knowledge of foreign markets, their local characteristics and customer needs


Anastasya Fomenko
Anastasya Fomenko, Head of International Projects

Anastasya is an expert in the area of international Internet marketing with fifteen years of experience in the industry. She managed Agora Ukraine and also worked as the head of the advertising network, AdBroker, whilst working with the biggest players in the online advertising market in the region, including Yandex and Google. She represented AdTaily in a range of new publisher acquisitions on Russian markets. She was a head of department at Edipresse Ukraine, developed internet projects, including sales ones. Currently, she’s a head of the International Division at Whites Agency.

A team of specialists, including native speakers with an experience of working in such markets as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, Czech Republic and Romania.

Experts with knowledge about the specifics of foreign markets who provide the most effective and individualized client solutions.


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Head of International Projects
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